What Can You Expect From Escape Hour

Looking for a fun, action-packed activity that you can enjoy with your friends? Don’t want it to be as boring as laser tagging or paintballing? Then you should consider visiting Escape Hour. Not only all the escape rooms there is fun and amazing, they are also safe as well. Many family and corporate and non-corporate groups visit it regularly, they opt for it each and every time. Here are some reasons why you should select it as well:

Gameplay wise

You are getting three different forms of escape entertainment and they are Action, Battle and Original Escape. The Action is such a quest room format that you can’t find anywhere else in whole of Canada. You are getting huge rooms which you have to solve with your limited physical training. The five different lives are:

  • Cosmonaut
  • Businessman
  • Pop star
  • Ninja, and
  • Nuclear scientist.

If you are looking for something that …