The Machines Are Breaking Down

From the AC replacement in NYC that I had recently, to the new washing machine that I had to buy, this has been a weird week for me and appliances. The washing machine stopped working when I was in the middle of washing a big load, so I had to finish the rest by hand and then squeeze out all of the water before I could put the clothes in the dryer. The air conditioner went out when the temperatures were nearly 100 degrees, and I had to spray myself with water and point the fan at my face while I looked for someone to replace it. The only thing that could have made this worse is if the refrigerator went out and all of my food spoiled.

I did find someone to replace the air conditioner. It was a company that I’ve seen before, but never bothered to look at because I didn’t need to have anything done to my air conditioner. I’ve heard people talk about them before, and they all seemed pleased with their work, so I decided to try them. I had to go to the store to look at a new washing machine, and all of the ones that I saw were not as good as the one that I had at home. They looked as if they couldn’t wash at the same power and they looked smaller. I guess this is the future of washing machines.

The company was able to give me a new air conditioner easily, and I was able to sit in the cold air in my room. The washing machine was replaced by one of those smaller things I found at the store, and I didn’t really like it. I had to do multiple washes to get all of my clothes done in many loads, when I could normally do it in one load.